Full-employment act needed

To the Editor:

America needs a “Grand Alliance” in order to eliminate poverty.

Poor health stems primarily from poverty. What will the Healthy Communities Collaborative do to help eradicate local poverty? Ask (HCC Executive Director) Kate Bjorge.

Have you contacted all your elected officials to ask what they are doing to lift their constituents out of poverty?

Working people without a livable wage are going to be poor.

A livable wage of $15 per hour, with cost-of-living increases, is one of the best ways to lift our citizenry out of a lifetime sentence of poverty.

The United States government must assume full responsibility for attaining and maintaining full employment. Politicians who speak of “jobs, jobs, jobs,” should support legislation requiring the president and members of Congress to mandate full employment.

I recommend everyone read “Sixty Million Jobs,” by Henry A. Wallace and research the full employment act of 1945 (not 1946).

“At-will employment” must be abolished. Workers have few rights under this plan.

We need to elect people to public office who will enact a 21st-Century Full Employment Act for peace and prosperity.

The only war the U.S. can justify is a “war on poverty.” — Robin Hensel, Little Falls

  • Anthony Noel

    Well said, Robin! One of my heroes is Buckminster Fuller, who said before his death in the 80s that we had about 20 years to convert our economy from weaponry to “livingry.” This is the inventor, mathematician, and philosopher who defined (and coined the term) synergy, and who showed – with hard facts – that the conversion he spoke of would allow ALL humans to attain a standard of living higher than ANY ONE of us has ever experienced.

    Why would we NOT do that??