Annual Radiothon to End Child Abuse in its 20th year

Annual Radiothon to End Child Abuse in its 20th year

The Morrison County Child Protection Team has been in existence for more than 25 years. Its foundation is based on Minnesota Statute 626.558. Many community agencies are represented in this over 30 member multi-disciplinary organization. The team is comprised of an executive board, outreach committee and community case consultation.

“The Radiothon is an opportunity for the local communities to donate to this great cause for Morrison County,” said Jill Scott, RN case manager and care coordinator with Morrison County Public Health.

On Thursday and Friday, Dec. 5 – 6, residents can call into the auction and make a donation. There is also an online auction. Numerous Morrison County businesses have made donations. “Their ongoing commitment has been heartfelt,” said Scott.

Auction items and more can be viewed by logging on to, click on the head phones, and place a bid by calling the auction line. The line will be up and running by noon Dec. 5.

“Our team continues to have many visions, which we have not been able to accomplish because of limited funding,” said Scott. “We look forward to expanding our prevention activities and making a difference in the lives of children and their families in Morrison County.”

The donations from the Radiothon go to support the local child protection team in the following ways:

• Talk about touch in schools and Second Step Violence Prevention in all K-5 grades;

• Provide education and family resources at community events, most recently the purchase of a shaken baby simulator doll, a fetal alcohol doll and a drug addicted baby doll. These are used for community outreach to help bring attention to the severity of the effects of alcohol, and drug use during pregnancy and the affects of shaken baby syndrome;

• Provide funding for “Circle of Parents” support group in Morrison County; and

• Support funding for “Families Programs” in local schools in collaboration with MCICC and the Health Communities Collaborative.