Kindness: Pass it on, says LBLL Belong Team

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

There is a new force taking over Morrison County. It’s called “Kindness.” The Live Better, Live Longer (LBLL) coalition advocates a support network within the community and it all begins with kindness.

The Belong Team of the LBLL coalition started the Kindness campaign a year ago during  the Little Falls Day of Caring. Students put bags of goodies together for the homeowners they were helping. They added Kindness cards.

kindness-bwThis year, during the National Day of Kindness, Nov. 13, Coborn’s and others passed out the cards which said, “Pass Along Kindness.”

Several of the communities in Morrison County have put the message of passing along a kindness on their community marquees. Businesses have done the same and posters are being placed strategically to get the attention of everyone.

“It’s all about the activity of passing along deeds of kindness,” said team leader Maxine Strege. She said all the schools in the county have agreed to participate and some have incorporated the idea to go along with their anti-bullying campaigns.

“Participants carry the cards with them and when they have an opportunity to do an act of kindness, they hand the person a card and tell them to ‘Pass it on,’” said Strege.

During the National Day of Kindness, students from the middle school participated with random acts of kindness. Those acts included opening the door for an elderly person, picking up items dropped by another, paying for a child to ride a mechanical horse and helping carry groceries for a stranger. Other acts included helping another pay for school lunch, assisting a lost child and doing chores around the house.

“It’s pretty easy to be proud of the students and staff of the Little Falls Community Middle School (LFCMS). They accepted the challenge to go out and individually make a difference in the community,” said LFCMS Principal Nate Swenson.

The LBLL coalition stresses the need for belonging, along with the importance of eating healthy food and moving to have a better life.

“For longevity, people need a support network, a healthy and positive environment to feel nurtured and cared for,” said Strege.

Future plans for the Kindess, Pass It On campaign include using community churches for pot luck suppers so neighbors are able to get to know each other. There is one planned for Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

On Monday, Jan. 20, V.J. Smith will be speaking in Little Falls on the ‘‘Sense of Purpose,” which Strege said fits in with the “Kindness, Pass It On” campaign.

For more information about the campaign or to receive the Pass Along Kindess cards, contact Healthy Community Collaborative at (320) 631-5675.