Lindstrom charged with sale of narcotics: heroin

Christian Lee Lindstrom, 20, Little Falls, was charged Nov. 21 with one felony count of third degree sale of narcotics.

In March, a confidential informant (CI) told a Morrison County Deputy Sheriff he/she could purchase heroin from Lindstrom.

The CI was advised to make arrangements for the purchase. The CI was given $120 and equipped with a recording device.

The CI was followed and seen picking up Lindstrom and driving to another location where they met with a third person.

The officers observed Lindstrom exchange the alleged heroin for the money and the CI then drove him back to where he was picked up.

The CI later met with officers and turned over the suspected heroin and the recording device. He/she gave a taped statement of what had occurred.

The purchased item weighed 0.4 grams.

If convicted, Lindstrom faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.