Remember child caregivers

To the Editor:

This is to all parents who rely on daycare providers to remember them this Christmas.

Your provider is the person who:

• Takes your children early or keeps them late;

• Teaches your child to write their name, tie their shoes and use the potty.

• Holds checks when you don’t have the money to pay;

• Dresses your children for sports or dance class;

• Buys your child a gift at Christmas time and their birthdays;

• Takes your child even if they are not feeling the best so you don’t get into trouble at work;

• Holds your child when they are hurt or sad when you cannot be there;

• Plans special parties for holidays and birthdays;

• Does endless projects with your children;

• Comes up with fun activities for summer time;

• Takes children with very little notice;

• And, let’s not forget, loves them.

Most daycares are open 12-plus hours every day.

Daycare providers spend as many, if not more, waking hours with their daycare children than the parent does. They should know that you appreciate all the hard work  they provide … we all need to be reminded that what we do matters. — Terry Hollermann and Brenda Regouski, Little Falls childcare providers