Lashinski convicted of possession and DWI

On Nov. 20, Morrison County District Court convicted Thomas John Lashinski Jr., 30, Little Falls on one felony count of fifth degree possession of drugs and one gross misdemeanor DWI.

On Aug. 12, a hit and run accident was reported near the post office in Little Falls. A Little Falls police officer met with the victim of the accident who said the vehicle nearly missed hitting her, but did strike her car.

Witnesses said the vehicle was a red Dodge pickup.

Later, the officer received a report of a red Dodge pickup driven by a man acting strangely. When the officer located the truck, there was damage on the passenger side consistent with the previous accident.

While following the truck, the officer observed it weaving within the traffic lane.

The vehicle was stopped and the driver identified as Lashinski. His eyes appeared glossy, his coordination was slow and deliberate and he was slurring his words.

Lashinski was placed under arrest and taken to the Morrison County jail. Inside the vehicle, officers found a baggie which field-tested positive for traces of methamphetamine. Also found were drug paraphernalia.

An examination of Lashinski’s driving record showed he had previously been convicted for driving while under the influence in Stearns County in May 2007.

For the felony charge, Lashinski was sentenced to both 17 months in prison, stayed for five years, and 150 days in jail with credit for 45 days already served. He was fined $235 and given five years probation.

For the gross misdemeanor charge, Lashinski was sentenced to 365 days in jail, stayed 215 days for four years. He was given credit for the 45 days he did spend in jail. He was fined $180 and given supervised probation for four years.