County residents should verify both land use and zoning

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

The Morrison County Board approved a rezone request for Doreen Moe’s 3.54 acres in Belle Prairie Township, Tuesday. Moe is maintaining a homestead and small hobby farm and discovered that although the land use classification for her property was appropriate, the land had been zoned commercial.

A previous owner of the property had operated a business there.

The rezone request fee was $500.

“She chose to pursue the rezoning in order to keep her animals,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator Amy Kowalzek.

“When buying property, it’s important to check the zoning classification as well as the specified land use,” said County Auditor Russ Nygren. “It’s an expensive lesson to learn. Realtors should be looking for this for their clients.”

“Potential buyers have a responsibility to do their due diligence when thinking of entering into a land purchase,” said County Administrator Deb Gruber. “County staff does not have a process in place to intervene with all private real estate transactions, but is more than willing to visit with citizens when contemplating a land purchase.  We want everyone to enter into a purchase with their eyes wide open and ensure their vision of what they wish to do with the property aligns with the rules and regulations set in place.”