New flashing lights make several county intersections safer

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

County residents may notice flashing lights at key intersections in nine new locations throughout Morrison County. That project has been completed and final payment was approved by the County Board, Tuesday.

“These flashing lights are a big advantage in rain events,” said Public Works Supervisor Steve Backowski. “We chose these locations based on the county safety plan.”

Under the county’s highway safety plan, a consultant was hired by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to pinpoint challenging locations.

“There is something different about these intersections, a curve or a hook into a major highway,” Backowski said. “It’s a proven strategy that providing additional street lighting at the right locations makes a difference.”

Funding for the project was managed through a grant from the state’s general highway fund.

“The contract is part of the highway safety improvement program that MnDOT manages,” said Backowski.

The nine locations for the new lights are: county state aid highway (CSAH) 3 and CSAH 20 near Fish Trap Lake; CSAH 49 and Minnesota trunk highway (MNTH) 371; CSAH 52 and county road (CR) 214 north of Little Falls; CSAH 12 and MNTH 238 southwest of Little Falls; CSAH 1 and CSAH 12 in Sobieski, CSAH 21 and CSAH 25 east of Bowlus; CSAH 23 and CSAH 48 in Harding; CSAH 26 and CSAH 37 west of Morrill and CSAH 32 and CSAH 33 northeast of Ramey.

County Commissioner Kevin Maurer had already received two thank-you notes from constituents affected by the new lights.

“It’s nice to hear that,”Backowski said. “We don’t usually get that feedback.”