Resignation finds Swanville City Council seeking to fill maintenance position

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer

The Swanville City Council has begun the search for a full-time water/wastewater operator and maintenance person to work in its public works department.

This action comes after the Council accepted Brian Zapzalka’s verbal resignation to Mayor Sandy Peterson, Oct. 16. Action to accept his resignation was taken during a special meeting, Nov. 7

Zapzalka had been employed by the city since 1996. In the meantime the city is contracting with Dan Thilquist to be the water/wastewater supervisor and to do the required testing of the water and wastewater treatment plant.

Also filling in to help the city with other maintenance issues is Gene Epling.

Swanville City Council Briefs

Other business that came before the Swanville City Council Tuesday, included:

• Hearing there will be two bicycle racks placed in the city. One will have a bulldog on it and will be located near the school. The second will have a swan theme and its location is yet to be determined;

• Discussed and finalized the 2014 levy. The levy was increased by $3,500 or 4 percent. In 2013 the levy was $70,000. For 2014 the levy was set at $73,500. Mayor Sandy Peterson and Councilman Jay Bartkowicz voted against the increase. They both said the increase should be kept at $2,500 as it had in the past;

• Hearing the city’s insurance rate should not increase for the next year;

• Hearing the city needs proof of insurance from people who rent city facilities;

• Hearing the sewer plant needed a new gear box. The Council will seek bids on the needed equipment; and

• Holding a closed meeting to discuss personnel issues.

The next regular meeting of the Swanville City Council will be held Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014.