Ideas wiser than mockery

To the Editor:

The letter of Dec. 1 entitled, “A Visionary in Little Falls’ Midst,” was written under the common delusion that a slightly above-average way with words is equivalent to wisdom.

Unfortunately, the letter had no substance; it offered no suggestions to counter or augment Robin Hensel’s ideas. It was a personal attack on an already much-abused target, apparently for entertainment. The universally-held truth is that one individual with an idea and some energy is worth 20 empty talkers, no matter how cute they think themselves.

If you are capable of original thought, perhaps you’d like to share your own suggestions for making this weary, battered old world a better place. Why don’t you start with what “you” could do? — Theresa Skorseth, Little Falls

  • Mark Fyten

    It is called exposing absurdity by being absurd. Ms. Hensel’s suggestion that we can cure all of societies ills by government intervention and passing legislation is just that – absurd. It has been tried for the past 65 years in this country and all it has done it bankrupt us. Until you, Theresa, come up with a way to change human nature, all of your pie in the sky, feel good ideas are a waste of time.

    • Josh

      She wants socialism not freedom. Socialism is a failed experiment but many have fallen into the trap of it. They don’t realize that if we get a socialized society no one will have a chance to better themselves, we will be told what and when we can do something. We will no longer have the freedom to fail or succeed and the only ones who will be rich will be the politicians. Socialism=Slavery.

  • robin hensel

    what a crock Josh and Mark…..this country has been built in great part on SOCIALISM. What in the world else would you call the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, EXCEPT A GIANT WELFARE CORPORATE SUBSIDY WITH GUARANTEED WAR TASKS IN EXCHANGE FOR GROCERIES? Capitalism and perpetual war for greed, will be the ruin of this nation. That is the FAILED EXPERIMENT. America is the only advanced nation on the planet to not give healthcare to ALL ITS CITIZENS. Are those nations just more kind, or are they indeed more intelligent? Countries like France.(best healthcare system in the world). The minimum wage in Australia is $16.48 (a livable wage) per hour and yet they have the highest per capita of millionaires in the world. Minnesota is the fifth state in the nation, for business satisfaction. Under the LEFT legislative majority.(compare with the pathetic business climate Scottie Walker (tea party fanatic) has created for Wisconsinites. Check it out for yourself…..look up DEED Minnesota business climate and you will find just what I am stating. Franklin D. Roosevelt realized that the CHURCH WAS NOT DOING WHAT IS BIBLICALLY MANDATED TO DO (take care of the widows, orphans, foreigners, missionaries, and the poor, so he created GOVERNMENT SOCIAL PROGRAMS SO THAT NOBODY was LEFT OUT IN THE COLD. What a VISIONARY!! If the legislators had implemented his FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL CITIZENS, we wouldn’t have citizens dying for lack of healthcare, in this nation right now. Richard Nixon approved “FOR PROFIT CORPORATE HMO’S”. Why in the world should there be PROFIT IN HEALTHCARE. Privatization INCREASES THE COST NO MATTER WHAT THE PROGRAM IS, and lessons the quality of service. Military costs have ESCALATED due to privatization. So have PRISON COSTS. Corporations are not for the PEOPLE. They care only about the bottom line and fat paychecks for the corporate heads. Venezuela is a socialist nation and has a lot more to be proud of than does this nation. They don’t have a history of perpetual war for other nations’ resources and land.
    When I run for office again, pay close attention to my dialogue, political and spiritual affiliation. Also check out scripture (Acts 4: 32-35) for how the early church operated. A far cry from the modern day church. If you profess Catholicism how do you justify your capitalistic mindset, when it isn’t biblical? It is easy to identify a person who cares more about lining their own pockets, as opposed to someone who professes to align with meeting the needs of others and the common good. Talk is cheap. Anyone who is defensive of profits before people, is JUST PLAIN SELFISH!!!! You have been part of non profits that profess to benefit the public good, but instead have been guilty of accepting these BIG government handouts TO FULFILL the duties of this HELPS PROGRAM. But who has really benefited from this program? Mostly the PAID STAFF, THAT’S WHO. What tangible public benefits can you, or anyone else associated with this group and any number of other local helps programs identify? Please clarify. How do you justify being PRESIDENT of the Healthy Community Collaboratives organization, if you are opposed to socialism. THAT PROGRAM IS MODELED ON SOCIALISM!!!! I will look forward to yours and Joshs’ responses. Robin Hensel

    • Josh

      Those who died in both World wars fought against socialism and communism and would be rolling in there graves today if they see what this country has become.
      Forcing people to pay more taxes to help those who are not willing to help themselves is not love and is not charity by any means. It is forced. True love and giving is done out of the heart not by making people do it. If you were forced to like me or give me money would that be love? No and that is not biblical God gave us his son out of the love he has for us all and he told us to give out of love not by obligation. And obligation is what the left is disguising as biblical love. It is not and I see right through it, nice try though.
      Jesus was never against profits. Neither should you or I. Without profits we don’t have jobs, without profits we cant afford our lives. And maybe you should look at what system we are truly under and it is not capitalism it is Keynesian, spend our way out of debt fort an example. Socialism takes away our motivation to better ourselves and turns us into entitlement zombies. If we were truly socialist we would either be all happy together or all miserable. And the only people that would have a chance to make a living would be the politicians. The left wants big government because they like control and they believe that the government can take better care of themselves than they can. The left believes we are all stupid, it is obvious when the left thinks we should not be allowed to own firearms and don’t even know the difference between an Ar-15 and an assault rifle.
      Again you wanting nationalized healthcare only goes to show that you want government takeover. As it is a takeover o 1/6 of our economy. It is a failed plan already. It has raised costs and will continue to do so as anything the government touches gets screwed over and it is not to help anyone, it is for pure control. Nationalized healthcare or Obamacare (as even he wont call it that anymore) is a socialist failure.
      Greed has nothing to do with a political party anyways it is a personal problem. Do you honestly believe that only Republican rich people are greedy? And liberal rich people are not? If you do you are ignorant. If you hate this country so much and the freedoms we are able to still enjoy and not because of socialism than you can move to Cuba or North Korea. Do you think millions
      immigrated here because we were socialist? Hell no, they came here from socialist countries.
      This doesn’t go to say that anything is perfect as it is not. There is corruption by people in any political party or system. but I will fight against any system or politician that wants to advocate for taking away my freedoms, and right now it is the left that wants my freedoms and those on the right who go along with it they can get the heck out also.
      You seem to invoke the bible to stand behind your views. Do you use the bible to stand up for murdering babies I.E abortions? Or homosexuality?
      . .