Zach Bruder is UAS Junior High Student of the Month

Zach Bruder
Zach Bruder

The faculty of Upsala Area Schools (UAS) has named Zachary Bruder as the November Junior High Student of the Month. He is the seventh-grade son of Darryl and Becky Bruder.

Bruder loves playing football at school and also enjoys hunting, fishing, four-wheeling and target practice. He actively participates in his youth group.

His favorite class is pre-algebra taught by Renee Scholz. Bruder said he likes math because, “It’s awesome and I learn so much that I can use me whole life.”

Language Arts Teacher Holly Holmen-Herbes, said, “Zach has matured into a studious young man. He is conscientious in accomplishing his work and he has gained skills in time management.”

Bruder’s advice for classmates is, “Listen to the teachers, so you get good grades and understand class better.”

His future plans are to finish school and join the Army.