Motley certifies a decrease in its final levy for 2014

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Motley City Council voted unanimously to certify its levy payable in  2014  at $326,079 for both Cass and Morrison counties. That is at 0.02 percent decrease from the 2013 levy.

The city’s general fund expenses are budgeted at $510,519. It includes wages, benefits and office supplies for the clerk treasurer of $105,432; general government costs of $10,697; payments and benefits to council members of $9,410; payments to the mayor totaling $3,435; accounting costs of $9,000; attorney costs of $2,000; planning and zoning expenses of $20,240; general government buildings’ maintenance and improvements of $31,900; police protection costs of $145,376; upkeep of highways, streets and roads totaling $139,341; street lighting at $11,150; parks and recreations costs at $9,775; and other miscellaneous costs.

Fire department costs to the city include fire protection at $74,692; fire training at $4,500; and transfers to the Fire Relief Association at $20,000.

Estimates to the Beaulieu project bond costs are $78,694; the wastewater facility project at $149,565; the 2011 street and utility project at $59,520; and the 2012 street and utility project at $62,016.

The total cost of running the city of Motley in 2014 comes to $1.710 million.

Revenues include the general fund – $510,519;  street improvement – $68,100; fire fund – $99,192; the Beaulieu project bond – $81,495; the waste water treatment plant – $149,140; the 2011 street and utility project – $63,695; and the 2012 street and utility project – $73,750.

Total 2014 revenues for the city of Motley are estimated at $1.933 million.

Motley City Council briefs


Other business conducted by the Motley City Council Tuesday night included:

• Agreeing to set the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting April 25, 2014, at the Motley City Hall beginning at 1 p.m. Appointments are required by residents who wish to appeal their property’s value or classification.

The Morrison County Assessor’s office requests residents in Morrison County call (320) 632-0101 or 1 (866) 401-1111, ext. 101, to talk to an assessor before making the Board of Appeals and Equalization appointment to possibly resolve the issue beforehand. All appointments must be made through the assessor’s office.

In Cass County, there is no requirement to make an appointment to see one’s township or city official, but the assessor’s office would like residents to call first to possibly resolve the issue before attending a Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting. In Cass County, call (218) 547-7298.

If a resident’s issue is not resolved to their satisfaction at the local level, they should call the appropriate assessor’s office to make an appointment at the county level;

• Hearing a report on the new Fire Department officers. They include Steve Dille as fire chief; Tim Schneider as first assistant; Todd Judd as second assistant; Lonna Dille as secretary; Mike Zimmermann, Kyle Frisk and Nick Dille as safety officers; and Kyle Frisk, Jace Carlson and Mike Zimmermann as training officers;

• Voting to allow the Police Department to spend $1,250 to fix the brakes, electronic stabilization program which detects loss of traction and the driver’s seatbelt on the squad car; and

• Voting to spend $572 on tires for the Fire Department’s 1997 half-ton pickup;

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Motley City Hall Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, at 6 p.m.