Motley’s major industries give blessings for new water plant

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

A report from Bolton & Menk Inc., consulting engineers and surveyors from Baxter, was received by the Motley City Council Tuesday night. The report concerned the water quality issue ongoing in the city.

Bolton & Menk has been hired to design a new water treatment plan and work with the city to its completion.

At the Nov. 13 Council meeting, John Graupman from Bolton & Menk said that before the city advertised for bids on the construction of the new plant, it needed to obtain agreements from the two major industries in Motley: Morey’s and Trident. Both are large water users and have agreed to pay for a portion of the plant.

Meetings were held with both industries Nov. 26 and  representatives indicated they understood the situation and supported proceeding with the completion of the design process. They were made aware the city would need agreements in place before it could award the project to a contractor.

Trident personnel, who previously indicated the company may install its own well for non-potable water, said that was not likely to take place.

The cost of the project is estimated to be $4.715 million. At the Aug. 13 Council meeting, it was determined that Morey’s share is expected to be about $1.179 million and Trident’s about $1.499 million. The city of Motley would be paying $1.037 million from the tax base.

Construction is estimated to take one year.