City of Royalton approves new pay scale

RoyCC-winter-internetby Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

An updated pay scale was approved by the Royalton City Council, Dec. 3. The new guidelines will go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.

“This new pay scale was used in putting the budget together,” said Mayor Andrea Lauer. “It extends the step plan from six steps to 10. Steps seven to 10 occur at two-year increments.”

City Clerk/Treasurer Carol Madsen will jump to step 10 at $26.32 per hour, an increase of $5.27.

Deputy Clerk Michelle Stevens will move to step seven at $20.40, an increase of $2.78.

Madsen and Stevens work 32 hours per week.

Public Works Supervisor Lee Popp will move to step seven at $23.40, an increase of $1.35.

Public Works Assistant Dan McDougall will remain at step six at $19.63, an increase of $1.12.

Popp and McDougall work 40 hours per week.

Chief of Police Adam Gunderson was maxed out at step 6. He will move to step seven at $26.09 per hour, an increase of $1.50.

Gunderson generally works 40 hours per week.

“As a police officer, Adam can work up to 90 hours per two-week period before going into overtime,” Lauer said.

Police officer Lindsay Bruyere will also move to step seven at $18.92, an increase of $.73. Police officer Tom Franklin remains at step three at $16.97, an increase of $.66.

Bruyere and Franklin work part time and their hours vary.

Royalton City Council Briefs

Other business that came before the Royalton City Council Dec. 3, included:

• Learning that an insurance payment of $35,000 less the $3,500 deductible was received for the fire truck lost in the fire at Gene’s Repair. “We need to reevaluate all of our vehicles,” said Council Member Al Libke. “We’re probably overvaluing most of our equipment. Anything over 10 years old goes by market value;”

• Hearing that the city of Pierz accepted Royalton’s offer of $6,000 to purchase a backup pumper to replace the lost truck;

• Adopting a resolution for sale of the old antique building at 104 E. Centre Street to the lone bidder, Dayle Tenney, for the city’s cost plus closing costs, not to exceed $6,100;

• Tabling a discussion about adding a Platte River crossing extending from Maple Street. “Having another crossing would enable us to have better water quality,” said Mayor Andrea Lauer. “It would be much better for fire service,” said Libke;

• Tabling a discussion on the purchase of the Smieja property on North Birch Street for a city well and a lift station until January;

• Adopting the 2014 final levy at $220,634, a .1 percent decrease from 2013;

• Approving the 2014 budget at $1.01 million. There is a projected shortfall of $35,135 due to a general debt service figure being omitted from the original budget. “That could be taken from the city complex fund,” said Lauer;

• Accepting donations for the Christmas decorations from Royalton Discount Center for $50 and from the Fire Department gambling fund for $500;

• Adopting a resolution to decertify the Birch Villa Apartments tax increment financing (TIF) district, since the plan has been completed;

• Approving 2014 tobacco licenses for Scottie’s Log Bar and Grill, Royal Tesoro, the 10-Spot Bar and Lounge, EZ Stop Store and Craig’s Sports Grill;

• Approved the application for membership in the National Joint Powers Alliance cooperative for contract purchasing;

• Accepting a grant of $4,695 from the Minnesota Historical Society to be used toward a microfilm reader/printer for the Royalton Museum. “The cost of the machine is $8,990 and the money for that is in the museum fund,” said Council Member Ed Zimny;

• Approved the purchase of a microfilm machine from Clear Image Solutions;

• Learning that the city submitted a letter of intent to apply for the Safe Route to School grant again. “The rules have changed for 2017-2018,” Lauer said. “The city match would be 20 percent this time, around $54,000 to  $60,000; and

• Hearing Libke recommend that the city revitalize its industrial park strategy. “We’ve had no response in two years to the request for interest on the city’s website,” Libke said. “I just want to remind us we have some great property.”

A public hearing on a conditional use permit for the Lee Siegel property split will be Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 at 7 p.m.

The 2014 Board of Appeal and Equalization will be Thursday, May 1, 2014, at 11 a.m.

The next Royalton City Council meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the City Complex.