Hodgman arrested for outstanding warrants and for fleeing a peace officer

Roger Richard Hodgman, 23, Little Falls, was charged Dec. 2 in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

On Nov. 27, a Morrison County Sheriff’s deputy observed a vehicle parked at a gas station on the west side of Little Falls. The person pumping gas was Hodgman, known to have warrants for his arrest.

When the deputy drove around the block and returned to the station, he watched as Hodgman allegedly left at a high rate of speed. The deputy activated his sirens, but Hodgman didn’t stop and was observed driving on Broadway Avenue at 65 miles per hour.

According to the criminal complaint, Hodgman drove through stop signs and turned onto Fountain Road where he was seen driving at 85 miles per hour.

Hodgman eventually came to a stop at Highway 238.

The deputy placed Hodgman under arrest for the warrants and for fleeing in a motor vehicle.

While at the Morrison County Jail, Hodgman allegedly admitted he fled the officer to avoid arrest. He said he stopped because he felt his actions were putting people’s lives in danger, including his own.

If convicted, Hodgman faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.