Offer a hand-up, not a handout

To the Editor:

Last week’s letter “Ideas better than mockery” begs a response. It ends with “start with what ‘you’ can do.” The trouble with liberals is that they can think of all sorts of things, but they want somebody else to do it. “Raise taxes” but don’t raise mine.

How about looking in the mirror and having the person you see looking back at you do it. Join a Lions Club and serve your community. Volunteer to be a bell ringer for Salvation Army. Plant a garden for the food shelf. Go out and shovel an elderly neighbor’s sidewalk. Babysit a young mother’s children so she can have an afternoon off. Volunteer at school to help children learn to read.

If you are so concerned about people working, go out and start a business so you can employ people and provide their health insurance.

America is the most charitable country in the world, giving $300 billion to charity last year, according to the IRS.

Instead of looking for a handout, offer a hand up to someone else. And get a sense of humor, especially when it comes to laughing at yourself. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum

  • robin hensel

    Aleta…I welcome you to join into the “common table” discussions I will host at city hall within the next year. All voices are necessary to solve the problems with poverty that continue to plague this county. Theresa and I are passionate about exposing cronyism wherever it exists and demanding inclusive, transparent government at all levels. I sincerely hope you agree with those principles that are inherent to our Christian faith. Peace on earth….Robin Hensel