Republicans hope to buy next elections

To the Editor:

The 2014 elections will highlight “the battle of the titans,” the wealthy backers of the Republican Party’s probusiness/establishment wing versus the wealthy backers of the party’s bullheaded Tea Party faction.

While Tea Party Republicans paralyze government, alarmed establishment-Republican backers, like corporate contractors, understand their prosperity depends on strong, functional government.

Money raising/funneling, probusiness political action committees (superPACs) of powerhouses like Walmart, AT&T, General Electric and the American Bankers Association, are primed to battle wealthy Tea Party backers like Club for Growth, Heritage Action and Madison Project to defeat Tea Party candidates.

Vanishing political spending limits after the Supreme Court’s 2010 “Citizens United” decision spawned 501(c)(4)s and the superPACs for mind boggling political spending by corporations and multimillionaires/multibillionaires.

Similar Democratic Party-connected activities pale by contrast.

The Court’s decision also spurred Republican strategist Carl Rove’s comeback, using his powerhouse Crossroads superPAC and phenomenal money raising/networking ability (surpassing the national Republican Party’s own), to battle the Tea Party faction, including the Tea Party-bankrolling, multibillionaire Koch brothers with their multiple superPacs.

The government’s now reacting to massive misuse of the 501(c)(4) tax provision for creation of tax-exempt “masquerade” social welfare organizations to unleash political money and conceal donors. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls

  • Josh

    You bash the republicans for having businesses donate to them. For your information Businesses employ people and will support those who are business friendly. You listed GE as a republican backer…..Did you not know that GE has been in bed with Obama for years now? Obama has exempted them from Obamacare and taxes. Do you have a problem with the huge donors to the democrat party from unions? Lets talk about the NEA one of the largest teachers or education union in the country. They donate huge to the democrat party, and they use dues collected from the workers who don’t have a choice on who that money will support. It is legalized theft if there is such a thing. So before you go spitting out liberal talking points do some research. Stop demonizing businesses and start fighting against our oversized government that really does steal from you! Can a business raise your taxes? Can a business force you to buy Obamacare? Can a business regulate what you can or can’t do? Can a business legalize murder in the name of abortion? NO!