Randall raises its 2014 levy by 4 percent to $140,400

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Randall City Council voted Wednesday to raise its levy by $5,400 to $140,400. That is a 4 percent increase from 2013’s levy.

The city transferred $50,000 into the general fund to offset the 2014 road project on Superior Avenue. That, and about $30,000 in added local government aid, increased the receipts to the general fund by 21.3 percent from last year. The budgeted receipts to the general fund come to $356,802 and its disbursements are estimated to be $352,574, a 17.3 percent increase from 2013 and mostly due to the estimated cost of the upcoming road project.

Sewer and water receipts are expected to increase minimally by $300, but disbursements by $13,254. The large increase in payments is mostly due to an estimated $15,000 to purchase lift station pumps.

Natural gas receipts are expected to increase 3.1 percent to $306,500 and disbursements will also increase 6.2 percent to $286,353.

Electric fund receipts are expected to be flat at $498,750 and disbursements are estimated to increase by 2.4 percent or $11,224.

Garbage costs increased from last year. The city is expecting to pay 10.8 percent more for that service, or about $56,600. Receipts from residents are estimated to increase by 7.6 percent, or $4,384, to $62,445.

The city anticipates a loss of 4.6 percent in receipts from the Municipal Liquor fun and a decrease in its expenses of 4.8 percent. The liquor fund shows an estimated $15,175 profit for the year.

In total, all receipts for the city of Randall come to $1.993 million and all disbursements are estimated at $1.909 million, leaving the city with $82,642 in excess funds.

Randall City Council briefs 

Other business conducted by the Randall City Council Wednesday night included:

• Postponing a decision on contracting for mosquito control this summer until the January meeting;

• Voting to move $50,000 to the general account: $5,000 from the liquor fund, $5,000 from the water fund, $20,000 from the electric fund and $20,000 from the gas fund, to offset the cost of redoing Superior Avenue during the summer of 2014;

• Accepting a $4,829 dividend refund from the League of Minnesota Cities from property and casualty insurance;

• Voting to issue an on-sale and Sunday liquor license to the VFW, a 3.2 beer and cigarette license to the Petro Plus and cigarette licenses to both Gosch’s and OK Tire and Bait;

• Approving a lease agreement with the VFW to conduct lawful gambling in the city’s municipal bar at $250 per month;

• Accepting $2,000 from the Randall VFW to the Fourth of July Committee for its Christmas program; and

• Voting to extend the hours of the Randall Municipal Bar to 1 a.m. New Year’s Day for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Randall Fire Hall Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, at 7 p.m.