Letter to the Editor: Keep ‘Christ’ in Christmas

To the Editor:

As Christmas draws near, we want to celebrate the birth of Jesus (without) being told in some cases that school children can’t sing songs using his name and nativity scenes can’t be put in public places. (Aren’t all people part of the public?)

Why do people who don’t believe in God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) spend too much time and effort trying to keep others from acknowledging their beliefs. The only time they don’t mind God’s name being spoken is if its a swear word. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

At this time of the year, let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He was born to become our savior to free us from our sins, which he did 33 years later when he died on the cross. We all need him.

Merry Christmas to all. — Maxine Skiba, Pierz

  • Erik Warner

    When I say “Happy Holidays” to someone I am not saying it to exclude Christmas or Christians, rather I am including the winter celebrations of many traditions. In addition to Christian friends and family who celebrate Christmas, I have personal friends who are Wiccan and celebrate the Solstice, I personally know Buddhist friends who recognize Bodhi Day, and I have several friends who are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah.

    If a Christian says “Merry Christmas” to me I say “Merry Christmas to you, too”
    If my Buddhist friend, Wiccan friends, Jewish friends, Atheist or Agnostic friends, or anyone else greets me with pleasantries at this time of year, I am happy that they are people of good will who are extending their thoughts to me. I do not take offense no matter how they say it.

    Look past the specific words to the spirit of the sentiment.

    Happy Holidays!