Letter to the Editor: Minnesota DFL vs. Minnesota GOP

To the Editor:

I am not registered with either party; however, I tend to lean toward more conservative principles. Principles that the local DFL and Republican Party both share here in Central Minnesota: Prolife, fiscally responsible, small government, 2nd Amendment support, education support, right to private property and constitutional rights.

These principles are not shared in the same way by “all” DFL candidates in our state, both in the Minnesota legislature as well as the representatives we send to Washington.

Remember that you are voting for a party and their defined platform whether you vote Republican or DFL. Our Minnesota DFL platform is the same as the national party (although there may be some very small differences). Now a couple of facts according to www.findtheda ta.org:

Minnesota DFL total receipts for 2012 election: $8.1 million.

Minnesota Republicans total receipts for 2012 election: $4.7 million.

The little guy contributions: DFL individual contributions 2012 – $1.8 million; Republican individual contributions – $3.4 million.

Get to know your candidate “and” their party platform and what he or she will truly represent in St Paul before you vote just along party lines. Best of luck and Merry Christmas. — Jerome Brezinka, Royalton

  • Roman Witucki

    You are missing some very important numbers. Where did the 13 million come from that was used in the 8 dist house race for the Republican candidate in 2012 come from?

  • Josh

    I didn’t look how much the NEA spent on Democrats in MN but back in 2010 they said they would spend over 4o million on democrat candidates. And this is just one union. Most of it from people’s dues to the union. There is nothing wrong with businesses or people that want to contribute to political campaigns of any party as it is their own money, people earn it by working and businesses earn it from selling a good or service in which it becomes there own. When unions donate they are using workers dues, sometimes without the worker having a choice to donate to a political party. That is what I have a problem with especially when the president of the NEA was caught saying it wasn’t about helping the children but about power.