MnDOT relies on parents to teach children about dangers of snowplows

Playing in the snow is a great winter activity for children, but the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) reminds parents to ensure children are safely away from the road while snowplow drivers are working.

“Playing near roads is never a safe choice, including during winter,” said Jamie Hukriede, MnDOT Maintenance Engineer. “Building snow forts near the street is dangerous, and snowplow operators will have difficulty seeing children if they are hidden behind a large pile of snow, or if they slip and fall on to the road in the path of an approaching vehicle.”

Snowplows can weigh as much as 20 times more than the average car and take longer than a car to stop. Snowplows have a large, 12-foot blade in the front and a wing blade on the side, which creates a large danger zone for anyone nearby.

“Snowplow drivers continue cleaning up for days after storms pass through, so children need to continue to be alert for plows,” said Hukriede. “Anyone who sees or hears a snowplow approaching should move well back from the road to a safe area.”

MnDOT asks parents to do their part to increase winter safety over the winter holiday season by teaching children about the dangers of playing near roadways and snowplows.

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