Cameron Smith is LFCHS Boy of the Month for November

Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith

The Little Falls Exchange Club chose Cameron “Cam” Smith as the Little Falls Community High School November Boy of the Month. He is the son of Steve and Lisa Smith.

During his four years at the Little Falls Community High school, Smith has been involved in Student Council, the Link crew, band and was an actor in the school play. For his efforts he has earned and excellent rating in band and a superior rating in choir, all while maintaining a 3.66 GPA.

“I am pleased and honored to write on behalf of Cameron Smith, November Boy of the Month. He is very deserving of the honor,” said Bill Mushel. “I have known Cam since he was in the ninth grade when his family moved to Little Falls. He was recognizable immediately due to his tall stature and low voice. It became routine to say ‘Hi Cam’ (in my lowest voice) as he passed my room each day. He threw himself into any and all activities he could, cross country, basketball and track: band, choir, Link crew, school play and Student Council, excelling in each.”

Mushel said, “Cam is one of those rare students that understand the delayed gratification of hard work. One example: in preparation of the cross country season, he ran over 600 miles last summer. Months later, he earned Granite Ridge All Conference and was named to the Morrison County Record’s All-Area Boys Cross Country team. Cam isn’t concerned with what others think: he’s concerned with setting goals, working hard to achieve them and doing the right thing. In short, Cameron Smith ‘gets it’ I am sure that success will follow him wherever his future takes him.”

Teacher Lynn Gwost added her “kudos” to Smith.

“Cam is a joy to have in class because he is creative, hard working and intuitive. He is a strong writer and he is creative, hard working and intuitive. He is a strong writer and he contributes mature and insightful comments to classroom discussion,” said Gwost. “Cam carries himself with much self-confidence, yet is incredibly open to constructive criticism and uses any suggestions to grow as a learner. Additionally, Cam is a fun-loving young man.

“His amicable smile and carefree personality make teaching him a delight. I wish Cam much continued success as he completes his senior year and ventures out beyond Little Falls Community High School. I am certain Cam will welcome and tackle the many opportunities before him,” said Gwost.

While not busy with school, Smith also likes to run, play basketball, sing and pound away on his drums. He has not chosen a school to continue his education, but would like to work in the field of journalism.