Nay-Tah-Waush man has possession charges dismissed

Oscar John Oppogard, 46, Nay-Tah-Waush, had one count of fifth degree possession of morphine dismissed Dec. 17.

On Dec. 27, 2012, a Minnesota State Patrol officer stopped a vehicle driven by Oppogard who was arrested for driving while impaired.

During a search of the vehicle, the officer discovered 26 hypodermic needles, one of which was filled with a clear liquid substance. Oppogard allegedly said the substance was morphine that he had a prescription for, but he was unable to produce that prescription.

Oppogard was placed under arrest for possession of morphine, a schedule II controlled substance which cannot be possessed without a valid prescription.

Oppogard was transported to jail where he admitted all the needles in the vehicle belonged to him and that the liquid substance in the needle was morphine.

The charges were dismissed when the defense attorney proved he had a prescription for the morphine at the time of the traffic stop.