St. Cloud woman convicted of possession of drugs

Natasha Jean Gustafson, 29, St. Cloud, was convicted Dec. 18 in district court with one felony county of fifth degree possession of drugs. At the same time, she had one count of possession dismissed.

On May 29, a Morrison County deputy was asked to remove two bags belonging to Gustafson from a Morrison County Social Services office.

Gustafson had met with a social worker prior to going to court. She had left the bags in the social worker’s office and after the court hearing, was arrested. The social worker asked the Sheriff’s Office to return them to Gustafson in jail.

The bags were searched and a small baggie and straw, both containing a white crystal-like substance, field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

In a statement from Gustafson, she admitted the bags belonged to her and that she smoked methamphetamine. While she didn’t remember that the meth was in the bag, she believed it was hers.

It was learned that Gustafson was previously convicted of a controlled substance crime July 29, 2005, in Carver County.

Gustafson was sentenced to 13 months in prison, stayed for five years plus 180 days in jail, with credit for the 98 days already served. She was fined $135 and given supervised probation for five years.

Gustafson was originally charged two different ways for the one offense. The Morrison County Attorney’s office could only convict on one charge so one charge was dismissed.