Upsala school levy approved at 1.39 percent decrease

The Upsala School Board approved the final 2013 levy, payable in 2014, at a decrease of 1.39 percent at the School Board meeting, Dec. 18.

“The decrease comes to $12,044.53,” said Supt. Gery Arndt.

“We are very happy about the decrease,” said Board President Dean Peterson. “We’d love to see the taxes come down some more. Sometimes school boards are accused of being “big spenders.” The reality is that a lot of taxpayers would be surprised to see how hard these decisions are.”

Peterson suggested that short of changing the political process in St. Paul, school boards don’t have much control over whether the levies go up or go down.

“Part of the decrease might be from changes in the law but more likely it’s from changes in real estate value, he said.