Agenda January

JANUARY 6, 2014, 6:00 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge to Flag
3. Roll Call
4. Election of Officers
a. Chairperson
b. Vice-Chairperson
c. Clerk
d. Treasurer
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Approval of Minutes
7. Claims, Accounts and Financial
8. Appreciation, Recognition and Presentations
9. Recognition of Citizens for Input Purposes
10. Reports/Good News
a. Royalton Mayors Report
b. Business Managers Report
c. Principals Reports
d. Superintendents Report
e. Board Committee Reports
11. Organizational Action Items
a. Setting of Regular Meeting Time and Dates
b. Setting of Compensation for Directors
c. Naming of Official Depositories for District Funds
d. Investment of Funds
e. Annual Delegation of Authority to Make Electronic Fund Transfers
f. Naming of Official Newspaper
g. Naming of Representatives and Committee Members
1. Naming of Minnesota State High School League Representatives (Presently Dale Lenz & Jeff Swenson, Alt.)
2. Naming of Curriculum Advisory Committee Representatives (Presently Jim Block & Michelle Carlson)
3. Naming of Legislative Liaison Representatives (Presently Tom Justin & Liz Verley, Alt.)
4. Naming Meet and Confer Representatives (Presently Jim Block, Dale Lenz & Jeff Swenson)
5. Naming of Labor-Management Representatives (Presently Jim Block & Tom Justin)
6. Naming of Representatives to Mid-State Education District Board (Presently Dale Lenz & Tom Justin, Alt.)
7. Naming of Continuing Education Committee Representatives (Presently Michelle Carlson & Jim Block, Alt.)
8. Naming of National Joint Power Alliance Representatives (Presently Liz Verley & Dale Lenz, Alt.)
9. Naming of Comparable Worth Committee Representatives (Presently Tom Justin & Dale Lenz, Alt.)
10. Naming of Staff Development Committee Representatives (Presently Jim Block & Michelle Carlson)
11. Naming of Non-Union Negotiation Representatives. (Presently Jim Block, Liz Verley & Tom Justin)
12. Naming of Royalton Education Support Personnel (RESP) Negotiation Representatives. (Presently Jim Block, Liz Verley & Tom Justin)
13. Naming of Royalton Education Minnesota (REM) Negotiation Representatives (Presently Tom Justin, Dale Lenz & Jeff Swenson)
14. Naming of Principal Negotiation Representatives (Presently Tom Justin, Jeff Swenson, & Liz Verley)
15. Naming of Superintendent Negotiation Representatives (Presently Tom
Justin, Jeff Swenson, & Liz Verley)
16. Naming of City Council Meeting Representatives (Presently Michelle Carlson for Bowlus & Jim Block for Royalton)
17. Naming of Wellness Committee Representatives (Presently Liz Verley & Jeff Swenson, Alt.)
18. Naming of Policy Committee Representatives (Presently Jim Block, Michelle Carlson & Jeff Swenson)
19. Naming of Representatives to Schools for Equity in Education (Presently Dale Lenz & Liz Verley)
h. Other Organizational Action Items
12. Regular Action Items
a. Approval of Hiring
13. Discussion Items
a. Facilities Planning with Springsted/Kraus- Anderson/Worner Associates
b. School Security
c. Other Discussion Items
14. Information Items
a. 2014 Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) Leadership Conference
b. Enrollment Information
c. Other Information Items
15. Upcoming Meeting Schedule
16. Closing Meeting for Negotiation Strategies
17. Adjournment

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