Haugerud convicted for possession of meth

Kimberly Ann Haugerud, 29, Little Falls, found guilty of fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance, Dec. 26, 2013.

A misdemeanor count of possession of synthetic marijuana was dismissed.

The conviction is the result of an Aug. 25 incident, when a Little Falls police officer was called to a home for a welfare complaint.

While there, the officer found a cup with incense and a large number of baggies, as well as a one-hitter pipe next to synthetic marijuana and a 5-inch glass jar, containing a methamphetamine pipe with a tube coming out of it.

The pipe contained white residue and next to it was a white chunk of methamphetamine melted into a jar.

Haugerud said the synthetic marijuana and the pipe were hers.

Haugerud was sentenced to three days in jail, with credit for three days already served. She was fined $135 and will have supervised probation for five years.