LF woman convicted for receiving stolen property

Malissa Joy Strack, 46, Little Falls, was convicted Dec. 26, 2013, on one felony count of receiving stolen property.

The conviction stems from a June 6 incident, when a Morrison County investigator received a tip from the St. Cloud police that stolen property which included tools and construction equipment, valued at $10,000, could be found at Strack’s residence. The stolen goods would be in a trailer marked with the owner’s name.

Strack’s son was named as a person who may have possession of some of the stolen property. He cooperated with police and allegedly said his mother wanted him to sell some construction equipment for her at a garage sale. The construction business’ name was on the items.

Multiple items stolen from St. Cloud businesses were located in sheds and outbuildings on the property.

At another residence in Freedhem, officers found several items that were allegedly brought there by Strack’s son.

Strack told officers at the time that she had received the items from someone who said he owned a repo company and she said she thought she was just helping someone out and was not aware the items were stolen.

Strack was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with credit for 67 days already served. Stayed for five years, was a sentence of 19 months in prison. Strack was ordered to pay $4,750 in restitution and will have supervised probation for five years.