Agenda January

7:00 PM
1. Call to Order.
2. Roll CalI.
3. Visitors.
4. Approve and/ or Amend the Agenda.
5. Approve and/or Amend the Minutes of the December 10, 2013 and December 27, 2013 school board meetings.
6. Reports:
a. 7-12 Principal.
b. Elementary Principal.
c. ALC.
7. New Business:
a. Election of Officers.
b. Set and Approve:
1. Dates/Times/Compensation for Board Meetings/Members.
2. ESV Region II Membership.
3. CMERDC Membership.
4. MSBA Membership.
5. MREA Membership?
c. Designate and approve the official school district newspaper.
d. Designate the school attorney(s).
e. Designate and approve the official school district depository(ies).
f. Approve appointments of board members to the following committees and their compensation:
1. Mid-State Education District.
2. MN State High School League.
3. Community Education.
4. Meet and Confer. 10. Finance.
5. District Accountability?
6. Staff Development.
7. Textbook Committee.
8. Legislative Liaison.
9. Harassment/Bullying
10. Finance.
11. Baseball/Softball?
12. Teacher/ Principal Evaluation.
13. Paired Sports.
g. Appoint and approve Office Manager to make electronic transfers.
f. Adopt a resolution directing the administration to make recommendations concerning the possible discontinuance or curtailment of programs or positions (also possible additions).
h. Mid-State – Possible Changes in Programs.
i. Other late business to come before the board.
8. Old Business:
a. Coaching Resignation.
b. SOD Plan/Financial Discussion. Set second Board Meeting for January.
c. Lions Club Request.
d. School Calendar.
e.. Other late business to come before the board.
9. Bills.
10. Adjourn.

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