Gazelka no stranger to discrimination

To the Editor:

I find it amusing that conservatives run away from their own ideas. Sen. Gazelka is no exception. Republicans have been saying for the last three years that Obamacare is government run healthcare. Now people are finding out it’s not.

Lose your coverage? This is what insurance companies do. Welcome to privatized insurance.

In the Jan. 5 Record, he stated that Democrats totally own Obamacare. This is absolutely true.

It should be noted they purchased the package from Republicans.

Insurance broker Gazelka is all too aware of why people lose coverage. Insurance companies have been discriminating by only allowing healthy people in the pool for decades, therefore people have been paying artificially low premiums.

Higher deductibles has always been a conservative idea which fits into their ideology of being “self-reliant and not dependent on government.” They believe that with more skin in the game, people won’t order unnecessary tests if they have to pay for it.

It took me less than five minutes to look at plans on MNsure.

Stop whining, Senator, and start being part of the solution.

I did not agree with the Affordable Care Act. I wanted single payer healthcare.

Put any label you want on it, it’s fiscally responsible. — John Snell, Motley


  • robin hensel

    why should there be profit in healthcare any more than there needn’t be profit in law enforcement. I agree completely that we desperately NEED single payer…..if this nation had enacted Franklin D. Roosevelts plan of free healthcare for all we wouldn’t be in this pickle today. Thanks for this well written piece.

  • Josh

    Blame the insurance companies! Wow how much justifying are you going to do for Obama! The insurance companies were forced to drop them because of ObamaCare so yes Democrats do own the lie (but they never will, they will continue to pass on the blame). This Obamacare was never meant to help people, it was simply meant to have more government control. It shows how much you want to throw our freedom of choice by wanting a single payer system. It is sad to think that this country has gotten this far into the gutter because people are wanting to be sheep rather than citizens, they would rather be fed by the governments tit than be responsible for themselves. It is really disheartening to read comments such as yours in a so called free country.