Local farmers may be selling their wares in Motley

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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Three local farmers/growers asked the city of Motley if it would be possible to open a farmers market at Veterans Park during the summer.

Clerk/treasurer Terri Smith brought the request before the Council Tuesday night.

While there were no objections to Veterans Park as a site for the market, council members thought something on Highway 10 would be more beneficial to the group.

Smith said the growers were not concerned with getting traffic from the highway. Their concern was offering fresh food to the citizens of Motley.

Smith also said the group was aware no vehicles could be brought into the park.

Maintenance supervisor Bruce Brotherton said he had no concerns about traffic in the park.

“The many people who attend the Motley Two Rivers Music Fest don’t damage the grass,” he said. He didn’t think the implementation of a market in the park would do any damage.

Other sites the Council considered included the Motley Food Shelf, the Motley Fairgrounds, the Trading Post, Pat’s Place or other private property in the city, with the owner’s permission.

“We need to encourage farmers markets in the city,” said Councilman Pat O’Regan.

Motley City Council briefs


Other business conducted by the Motley City Council Tuesday night included:

• Scheduling the deadline to receive bids for the city’s water treatment plant for Thursday, Feb. 27. The bids will also be opened and a contractor chosen that same day;

• Voting to renew the tobacco licenses at Orton’s Motley BP, Motley Express, Y Knot Liquor, H & R Ten Hi, Bremer’s Bar, Northwind Grocery, Motley Discount Liquor and Brick’s Travel Center;

• Voting to renew the existing 3.2 liquor license at Orton’s Motley BP;

• Declaring all local banking institutions as the city’s official depositories;

• Naming the Morrison County Record as the city’s official newspaper;

• Accepting the appointments of Councilman Steve Johnson as acting mayor and assistant weed inspector and Mayor Nancy Nieken as street commissioner and emergency management director;

• Voting to send requests for proposals to Morrison County lawyers for the purpose of being named the city attorney;

• Approving Resolution 2014-1 which states Clerk/treasurer Terri Smith, Nieken, Acting Mayor Johnson and Councilman Pat O’Regan be authorized to sign city checks;

• Approving Resolution 2014-2 which states the city will appoint Smith as the responsible authority to administer the requirements for collecting, storing, using and disseminating data on individuals within the city;

• Approving resolution 2014-3 which states Smith has permission to use wire, electronic and automated bank payments for performing city business;

• Voting to approve the agreement between the Motley Fire Department and the Department of Natural Resources to cooperate in the prevention and suppression of wildland fires;

• Allowing Fire Chief Steve Dille to purchase six tires for the city’s ambulance at a cost of $135.45 each plus balancing costs;

• Voting to allow Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Brotherton to spend $1,500 on new samplers for the hourly testing of water at Morey’s Seafood International and Trident Seafoods;

• Allowing Brotherton to attend the Rural Water Conference in St. Cloud March 4-6, and Smith to attend the Minnesota Clerks Conference in St. Cloud March 18-21; and

• Authorizing February as National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month.

The next regular City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 11, at 6 p.m. at City Hall. A planning and Zoning meeting will be held Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 6 p.m., also at City Hall.