Increase workers’ minimum wage

To the Editor:

Will debate over raising the federal minimum wage reveal low-paying jobs are America’s future? It’s certain that today workers need a minimum-wage increase even above the proposed $10.10/hour to sustain America’s economy and our society.

Congress hasn’t legislated a federal minimum-wage increase in seven years, now $7.25. Elevating the “wage floor” would uplift workers’ wages overall, including 20 million earning just above the minimum and laid-off workers re-employed at lesser pay, common, considering half the created jobs since 2008 are low paying.

What ails America’s “Main Street” economy is lack of customers because workers lack income.

Meanwhile, the adjacent, overheated Wall Street “casino” economy — featuring a rapidly rising, artificially high, stock market (up 30 percent in 2013 alone) — owing to Federal Reserve Bank “easy money” policies, only continues wealth redistribution upwards (10 percent possessing 89 percent of wealth).

A natural rebound in living-wage jobs is impossible without halting long-standing mass corruption/inequality, culminating in the 2008 Great Recession, both continuing today.

Boldly raising the minimum wage would unloosen $2 trillion harbored by corporate America, who’ve amassed record profits from tax reductions/manipulations, stock market winnings, political meddling, subsidies/bailouts and decades of unchecked worker exploitation. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls 


  • Josh

    We are stressed as a nation because of what our government has done to us, they over tax us, they push on us horrible bills such as Obamacare, they want to get rid of our free speech, our second amendment rights. They have been beating us over the head and now you trust them to make a mandatory minimum wage increase? I understand you think it will help us all out but what happens when small businesses have to pay more wages, they can choose to lay people off, raise prices, decrease hours, or go along with it. They will now also be forced to pay insurance, they are being taxed more. Without jobs no one will have income, If some of those things happen it will make it harder on everyone and the pay increase will be muted. The further this country has gone to the leftist ideals and further away from the constitution the worse off we have become. We are not getting better as a country but we are falling away from our principals and morals, we are falling away from God. And when that happens we will go down hill, look at history.

  • robin hensel

    We need a 21st century full employment act.

    • central mn

      We need incentive to work and to get off of welfare. The government keeps handing out money with no checks and balances. All you have to do is look at the vehicles in the trailer courts to figure that out. I would be willing to bet that they have huge T.V.’s with a X-box hooked up to them also.