Mosquitoes may be a thing of the past in Randall

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Randall City Council voted unanimously to hire Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management Inc. to spray the city during the upcoming summer months. Residents of Randall will see a $1.50 per month increase on their utility bills.

The city will try this out for one year and make a decision to continue or not during a future meeting.

Clarke offered the city two options for the pest control. Option one included 15 weekly treatments, up to 13 miles of roads, for $6,191.25. Option two included eight treatments at for $3,900.

The Council opted for the first option.

“Clarke drives down the streets and sprays in both directions,” said Peterschick. “The treatments don’t kill the larvae, just the adult mosquito.”

A city map of where Clarke planned to spray was viewed by the Council. Some of the Council members were concerned that the new addition was not included in the spraying route and Highway 115 was.

“We need to revamp the map,” said Councilman Jerry Adamski. “Highway 115 doesn’t need spraying but the new addition does.”

Councilman Charlie Andres said that the cost of spraying was not in the chemicals but in the miles driven, the gas and the labor. He said it should be easy to include the new addition to Clarke’s route.

The area planned for treatment include County Road 115, East and West Sixth Street, Minnesota Avenue, East Fourth Street, Parkview Drive, Superior and Pacific Avenues and their adjoining streets, West Park Avenue and Maplewood Drive.

Billing to local residents will begin with the January utility bill which will be sent out in February. The mosquito control will begin when Clarke Environmental feels it’s the best time.