Newport man convicted of burglarizing Red’s Irish Pub

George Alan VanZee, 56, Newport, was sentenced Wednesday to 39 months in prison following his guilty plea and conviction for second degree burglary in Morrison County District Court in Little Falls.

Red’s Irish Pub in Swanville was burglarized in October 2012, with a number of items stolen. Several items were left in a pile with a pair of gloves. The suspect could be seen in a surveillance video wearing the gloves during the burglary. A DNA sample was taken from inside of the gloves and DNA testing by the BCA Forensic Science Laboratory revealed a match to VanZee. VanZee’s DNA was in a database due to his criminal record.

VanZee pleaded guilty Dec. 2, 2013.

Judge Douglas P. Anderson sentenced VanZee to prison and ordered him to pay $7,698 in restitution.