Rogers woman convicted of possession of meth

On Jan. 8, Bobbi Dawn Tyra, 26, Rogers was convicted of possessing six grams or more of methamphetamine, a second degree felony.

The Central Minnesota violent Offenders Task Force had been informed that Tyra was selling methamphetamine in the Little Falls area. When she was spotted driving in Little Falls Feb. 28, 2013, an investigator followed her. He noted she make several stops around the city and each stop was short-term.

Tyra then drove to Randall and made a stop at the trailer park. She left there and proceeded to Wadena, where she was observed at a motel. On the drive back to Morrison County, she was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. There were two other people in the vehicle.

Tyra admitted she was in possession of methamphetamine and turned over two baggies containing 12.6 grams of the drug.

Tyra told the officer she had sold the drug in the Little Falls area, then drove to Wadena to purchase more. She had given her passengers the drugs to sell, but when the vehicle was being stopped, they gave the methamphetamine back to her. She said she put it in her pocket.

Tyra was sentenced to 58 months in the Shakopee prison, stayed for 25 years and 365 days in jail. She was fined $135 and given 25 years of supervised probation.

A charge of first degree felony sales of methamphetamine was dismissed against Tyra. Morrison County Assistant Prosecutor Todd Kosovich said it was dismissed because she pleaded guilty to the second degree possession charge plus the drugs came back from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension lab showing there was not enough methamphetamine to warrant a first degree charge.