Pierz begins taping for its local access channel

By Terry LehrkeNews Editor

Everyone wanted to know why a video camera was set up on a tripod at Monday’s Pierz City Council meeting.

Some joked that it was so the absent mayor could see the meeting later.

But, with the help of new Deputy Clerk, Scott Saehr, the city is taping the meetings for viewing on its local access Channel 10.

When Jerry Abraham ended his contract with the city of Little Falls, programming for the Pierz local access channel went blank as well.

City Administrator Anna Gruber said the channel went dark Nov. 1, 2013.

But, with help from Pierz’ cable provider, Midcontinent Communications, the channel will be up and running again, hopefully by the end of January, said Gruber.

Just one more piece of 10-foot cable is needed at City Hall to connect equipment to the system, she said.

Midcontinent agreed, at no cost to the city, said Gruber, to bring fiber to City Hall.

“So the city just has to create video and slide shows and Midcontinent will make it accessible (on the channel),” said Gruber.

The city will also work with the school to try to get videos of choir concerts, sporting events and more, to air on the channel, she said.

Saehr is putting together slide shows of photos and information from the Pierz area to scroll on the channel.

So, too, area churches will be invited to video services to air as well.

“This cable access is really a struggle,” said Gruber. “All of our residents got to see Little Falls programming, so we weren’t used to having anyone tape stuff.”

She called it unfortunate and fortunate that Abraham ended his contract and no one had taken over local cable access programming for the Little Falls and Pierz channels.

“It’s unfortunate that the channel had only Little Falls stuff,” said Gruber. “The fortunate part is that it gives us an opportunity to actually put Pierz stuff on cable access.”