City’s costs climbing in lawsuit over sign ordinance

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor

 Through November 2013, the costs of the lawsuit brought against the city of Little Falls by Robin Hensel have reached $53,481.74.

In an update from the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC), the Council learned that litigation costs for the defense reached $176,633.31 through November 2013. The city is being represented by the law firm of Iverson Reuvers Condon.

Based on the costs incurred to date, the city’s responsibility so far is 15 percent of the $176,633.31 or $26,494.99; as well as a deductible of $26,986.75 for a total of $53,481.74.

These figures do not include costs incurred by the city from its own attorney, Toni Wetzel, nor do they include any costs for staff time.

The city has a 40 percent co-pay for any litigation costs in excess of $250,000.Litigation costs include any damages the city might be required to pay.

  • robin hensel

    YES! …..and ALL BECAUSE THE CITY CHOSE TO NON-UNIFORMLY ENFORCE THEIR OWN ORDINANCE. They are still not enforcing a number of ordinances uniformly. I have proof.

    • J. Uchiha

      Is your yard the proof?

  • herbdavis

    Discriminatory enforcement of the laws doesn’t impact the enforcers…the citizens pay.