Little Falls Police Department

Jan. 8 — A resident on Fourth Street Southwest reported a possible scam, whereby a caller accused the resident’s spouse of backing into their vehicle and demanded insurance information.

Jan. 10 — A resident on First Avenue Southeast reported a theft.

Jan. 10 — A resident on First Street Southeast reported the theft of a Tom-Tom GPS unit from their vehicle. The items is valued at $100.

Jan. 10 — A business on First Street Northeast reported someone had issued two worthless checks, one for $400 and one for $225.

Jan. 11 — Someone painted obscenities on the south exterior wall and door of the shed between the two softball fields on Second Avenue Southwest.

Jan. 11 — A resident on Seventh Street Southwest reported someone had written an obscenity on the south side of their residence.

Jan. 13 — A business on First Avenue Northeast reported the passing of a counterfeit bill.

Jan. 14 —  A resident on Sixth Avenue Northeast reported someone had slashed three of their vehicle’s tires.

Jan. 14 — A resident on Elm Street reported their neighbor had plowed/pushed a large amount of snow onto their property and against the snow fence, damaging the fence.

Jan. 17 — A resident on Sixth Street Southeast reported a scam in which the resident mailed a check for $50 to a friend in Albuquerque, N.M., in December. The friend died shortly thereafter and someone else cashed the check.

Jan. 18 — A resident on East Broadway lodged a complaint about forgery/theft of checks.

Jan. 19 — A resident on Third Street Northeast reported a theft.

Jan. 20 — A business on 11th Street Southeast reported a theft.

Jan. 21 — A business on Broadway West reported the passing of forged checks.

Jan. 22 — A resident on Third Street Southwest reported a theft.