Rainey charged with domestic assault

Matthew Lee Rainey, 44, Little Falls, was charged Jan. 16 in Morrison County District Court with one felony count each of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault.

On Jan. 14, Little Falls police officers responded to a report of an assault by Rainey against three family members which took place Jan. 13.

The officers placed Rainey under arrest, who was boisterous, loud and obscene and transported him to jail. In a statement, Rainey said family members were not listening to him. He allegedly admitted he held a knife while speaking to his family, but he was only sharpening a pencil.

One family member said Rainey had called them all to the living room and  yelled at them for the condition of the house. Allegedly, Rainey, holding a knife, told the family, “If somebody makes another mess, somebody is going to have to call an ambulance.”

One victim allegedly said he was scared that Rainey would stab someone. He also said Rainey is very violent and that he has watched him physically abuse his mother for years.

According to the criminal complaint, another victim said that on the morning in question, Rainey, holding a knife, had said that if the house is dirty, someone was going to have to call the ambulance. The victim said he was scared of Rainey and believed he would use the knife on him. He allegedly said Rainey told the family he was going to put his hands around their necks and choke them. He also said Rainey hits his mother and that he has told them in the past he would kill them.

A third victim was allegedly too scared to talk about the incident.

An examination of Rainey’s criminal history showed he was previously convicted of domestic assault in Beltrami County in 2004, simple battery in Richmond, Ga., in 2001, domestic violence in Aiken, S.C., in 2004, fifth degree assault in Anoka County in 2006 and second degree assault in Anoka County in 2008.

If convicted, Rainey faces a maximum penalty of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine.