Pierz joins list of Yellow Ribbon Cities

Pierz-Yellow-RibbonThe Pierz City Council learned Monday that the city is one of 13 in Morrison County proclaimed as a Yellow Ribbon City by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton. Morrison County Veterans Services Officer Paul Froncak and Tom Girtz were on hand Monday. Froncak explained that the Yellow Ribbon Network offered networking and help to families of deployed veterans and their families, while they were deployed and beyond. “It’s people helping people,” said Froncak. “Throwing money doesn’t really make the world a better place, helping people does.” Dayton’s proclamation reads, in part, “Through the efforts of the people of Pierz, military members and their families enjoy peace of mind knowing they have the appreciation, love and support of people in this community.” A Yellow Ribbon community offers a support network for deployed veterans and their families to help with such things as lawn care, snow shoveling, child care and so much more. Pictured at the presentation are (from left): Girtz, Pierz Mayor Toby Egan and Froncak.