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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Upsala Area Schools, Independent School District No. 487, held on January 22, 2014. Present were Chairperson Peterson, along with board members Nelson, Pepin, Wensmann, Krivanek and Ripplinger. Also present were Superintendent Arndt, Dean of Students Capelle and Business Manager Harren.
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM by Chairperson Peterson.
Motion by Peterson, seconded by Nelson to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Pepin, seconded by Krivanek to approve the minutes of the December 18th regular meeting. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Pepin, seconded by Nelson to approve the bills and wire transfers in the amount of $165,698.50. Bills paid with check numbers 15097 to 15179. Motion carried unanimously
Curtis Robertson gave a presentation on Technology and Engineering classes he is teaching and an update on Robotics.
Dean of Students Capelles report:
Senior High Student of the Month is Tara Christian and Junior High is Nakomis Becker.
Subject Area Students of the Month were recognized.
Athletes of the Month for Boys Basketball is Christian Pekarek, Girls Basketball is Katie Ripplinger and Wrestling is Mitch Lange.
2014-15 School Calendar is shared.
Seeking quotes for upgrading and installing additional security cameras.
Career Planning Grants information shared.
Social Studies Curriculum to be presented at the April Board Meeting for approval.
Teacher Evaluation Model Shared.
Mitch Lange is a Semi Finalist for the ASPIRE Athlete of the week.
Posting done for three long term substitutes.
Climb Theatre to present on February 12th.
Thank you from the College Night Team.
Superintendent Arndts report:
The Asbestos project in the cafeteria is complete.
Motion by Krivanek to cast a vote for Peterson as Chairperson, Wensmann as Vice Chairperson, Pepin as Treasurer and Nelson as Clerk. With no other nominations made the motion was seconded by Wensmann. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Peterson, seconded by Pepin to approve the Policy for Participation at Board Meetings. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Peterson, seconded by Wensmann to set Board Compensation at $0.00 for regular board meetings and $15 per/hr. for special board meetings. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Peterson, seconded by Krivanek to approve the following consent agenda items:
Districts Legal Counsel without retainers the following three law firms-Knutson, Flynn and Deans P.A. for financial issues (bonds, aid anticipation certificates, loans, leases, etc.) Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger P. A. for student and personnel issues. Mike Perry of Little Falls for other issues as needed.
Districts Official Publications-Morrison County Record.
Districts Memberships-Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA); National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA); Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council (CMERDC); Midstate Education District; Midstate Educational Technologies (MSET); Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL); Morrison County Interagency Coordination Council (MCICC); Designation of Official Depositories-Stearns Bank of Upsala and the Minnesota Liquid Asset Fund (MNLAF); Authorization for the use of school board chairperson, clerk and treasurer facsimile signatures; Authorization of payment of district obligation in advance of board approval via Imprest Cash Fund (as required by M.S. 123B.11); Authorization to make electronic fund transfers (as required by Minnesota Stature 471.38) (Gery Arndt and Colleen Harren). Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Nelson, seconded by Krivanek to make the following school committee appointments:
Midstate and MSET governing board-Krivanek.
Continuing Education Committee-Peterson.
Finance Committee- Peterson and Pepin.
Accountability/Curriculum Committee-Wensmann.
Discipline Committee-Ripplinger and Nelson.
Textbook re-evaluation Committee-Nelson.
Negotiations Committee – Full Board.
Non-Certified Negotiations Committee – Peterson and Krivanek.
Legislative Liaison-Peterson.
MSHSL Committee-Pepin.
Community Education Committee-Nelson.
Recreation Representative-Krivanek.
Swanville/Upsala Athletic pairing Committee-Nelson and Ripplinger.
Worlds Best Work Force Committee-Wensmann.
Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Peterson, seconded by Pepin to approve the policy for Expense Reimbursement for Travel, Lodging and Meals. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Nelson, second by Ripplinger to set the regular board meeting for the 4th Wednesday of each month with the exception of December, it will be the 3rd Wednesday of that month with the meetings beginning at 7:30 PM in the High School Media Center. Motion carried unanimously.
The approval of the 2014-15 calendar was tabled until the February regular meeting.
Motion by Krivanek, seconded by Ripplinger to approve the Resolution Directing the Administration to make Recommendations for Reductions in Programs and Positions thereof. Roll call vote-Peterson-yes, Nelson-yes, Pepin-yes, Wensmann-yes, Ripplinger-yes, Krivanek-yes. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Wensmann, seconded by Pepin to approve the anonymous donation in the amount of $2,000 for S.O.S. fund, and $200 donation Lange Oil 1% funds. Many, many thanks to the donors. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Peterson, seconded by Pepin to approve a one year contract with Primary Benefits Service Agreement. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Peterson to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 PM.
Karin Nelson, Clerk

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