Let people choose own garbage hauler

To the Editor:

“Don’t try to change the status quo” is true when changes occur; the people being annexed into Little Falls are finding this out.

My wife and I served on the Energy and Environmental Commission with a focus to study waste management.

Surveys asking whether wheel containers or plastic bags were preferred were sent out; 62 percent preferred wheel containers.

In 16 communities, 13 had wheel containers. Little Falls was one of three who didn’t.

The committee chair rode with current haulers using plastic bags and reported that was the most efficient method for collection. She didn’t ride with a hauler who uses wheel containers and automated pick-up. No cost comparison was made for containers versus the current system.

The current haulers attended every meeting to lobby. We should have measured the environmental effect of polluting our dumps with all those plastic bags.

The committee wasn’t able to do a complete job, because a vote was called even though the study was far from complete. “Status quo” won.

I believe Little Falls needs to get out of the garbage business. Let the public decide how/who should pick up their garbage and let haulers bill customers as Baxter and Brainerd do.  —Paul Dennis, Little Falls

  • Rhonda M. Schmidt

    Yes! Totally agree!