Ortman is right for Minnesota

To the Editor:

Julianne Ortman is a fighter and a leader for Minnesotans. The people asked her to run for the U.S. Senate, a seat occupied by Al Franken. Voted in eight times by the people of her district with 65 percent of the vote speaks to the trust they have in her.

Ortman says the people are frustrated with Washington politics and hardworking Minnesotans want a candidate who will bring Minnesotan values to Washington.

Ortman’s voting on budget bills balance with Minnesotans’ checkbooks. She is fiscally disciplined. She led the effort in the Minnesota Senate to balance the $6 billion deficit, without raising $1 in new taxes. Ortman is the only woman in Minnesota history to serve as chair of the Senate Tax Committee.

As a successful debater, Ortman is not afraid of a worthy fight. She argued before the Supreme Court that Obamacare violated the limits of the commerce clause and the Supreme Court agreed. We need a fighter in Washington and one who will do it with the right set of constitutional facts for the issues.

Pro-life, pro-family, pro-2nd Amendment, constitutionally conservative. No doubt in my mind, she is right for Minnesota. Right from the start. — Kathy Festler, Little Falls