Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

Jan. 9 — A resident on 260th Avenue in Pierz reported a theft.

Jan. 12 — A Little Falls resident reported a burglary.

Jan. 12 — A business on Grouse Road in Little Falls reported a gas drive-off in the amount of $33.28.

Jan. 12 — The Red Rooster Bar, Tiny’s Tavern and Herold’s Bar and Grill, Pierz, all reported thefts.

Jan. 14 — A resident on 285th Avenue in Pierz reported someone had stolen their identity and opened a Verizon account in their name, with the resident receiving charges for $200.

Jan. 15 — A resident on 233rd Street in Hillman reported a case of fraud.

Jan. 16 — A resident on Grouse Road in Little Falls reported the theft of five to seven red plastic cans containing five gallons of gasoline each.

Jan. 16 — A resident on Cable Road in Little Falls reported a theft.

Jan. 17 — A resident on 75th Street in Swanville reported a possible case of identity theft.

Jan. 18 — A business on Highway 10 in Royalton reported someone pumped gasoline but did not pay for it.

Jan. 19 — A resident on 175th Avenue Fort Ripley reported a burglary.

Jan. 19 — Residents on East River Road in Motley reported a pickup truck purposely rammed their mailboxes, damaging them.

Jan. 19 — Someone hit a stop sign on the corner of 193rd Street and 235th Avenue in Pierz, bending it nearly flat.

Jan. 20 — A resident on 70th Avenue in Holdingford reported someone had paint-balled their mailbox as well as other neighbors’ and a stop sign on 70th Avenue and 30th Street.

Jan. 21 — A resident on Third Avenue Southwest reported someone had damaged their garbage cans.

Jan. 24 — A resident on 63rd Street in Royalton, reported a scam, wherein the resident bought something but was billed by another company, which they paid, but the company was not the original company they had done business with.

Jan. 25 — A resident on Southview Trail, Hillman, reported a burglary. A window was found open, but the screen was still in place. No other damage was found.

Jan. 27 — A resident on 270th Street in Cushing reported a theft.

Jan. 30 — A business on Highway 10 in Little Falls reported the theft of an $18,000 Ice Castle fish house.

Feb. 1 — A resident on 95th Avenue in Little Falls reported sockets and some other items had been stolen from their shed.

Feb. 2 — A resident on 130th Avenue in Little Falls reported items were missing from their residence.

Feb. 3 — A station on Highway 10 South in Royalton reported someone had pumped gasoline and not paid for it.

Feb. 3 — A resident on 95th Street in Little Falls reported a theft.

Feb. 3 — A resident on Sage Road in Foley reported that someone stole a debit card, sleeping bag, two pair of camouflage coveralls, a set of speakers, a red long-handled windshield scraper and a Minnesota driver’s license from their vehicle while it was stranded on the side of the road.