Brutal winter makes it hard for deer

To the Editor:

If you have deer in your area, I suggest that you start feeding them. Dead deer don’t produce.

You must start out slow when feeding corn or deer pellets or maybe a little hay. Once you start to feed them, you must be willing and able to continue until “green-up.”

Go out in the woods and use a snowmobile to make trails in the woods; start cutting poplar trees for they will feed on the downed branches for a long time. With the deep snow and extended cold temperatures, the deer are stressed. We still have the rest of February and March, being the snow month, could be the finishing blow to our white-tail population.

I also believe that we should put pressure on our DNR to organize a state deer feed in stricken areas and good conservation guidance.

Our Minnesota white-tail has an economic impact for our state. Licenses alone bring in more than $13 million, not counting guns, gas, and groceries, along with food, clothing, equipment and lodging.

If we want to see fawns this spring and bucks next fall, we must attempt to save our white-tail during this brutal winter. — Tony Wenzel, Randall