Drugs altering the minds of America

To the Editor:

America’s on a drug trip but is in denial.

While America has 5 percent of the world’s population, it uses 50 percent of prescription drugs and pays the most for them — at massive taxpayer expense.

Seventy percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug — antidepressants, opioid painkillers and antibiotics topping the list.

Over 50 percent take two or more prescription drugs.

Twenty percent take five or more.

Everyone’s prodded to get a yearly flu shot, its effectiveness grossly exaggerated and possible serious risks never mentioned.

We’re told, rightly, of the developing teenage brain’s vulnerability to alcohol; but children are massively prescribed amphetamine-type stimulants for “ADHD.” Both legal and illegal mind-altering drugs damage and change the brain, including legalized marijuana.

How many suicides are directly caused by psychiatric drugs, massively prescribed/misprescribed/overprescribed, including veteran suicides?

The Minnesota Department of Health is shamelessly urging doctors to increase prescribing the Gardasil vaccine to teenage and young adult women and men to prevent HPV infections, despite serious risks and limited usefulness.

There’s a massive heroin addiction crisis across all segments of society because Americans got hooked on overprescribed, addictive prescription painkillers, like oxycodone and substituted the more available, cheaper heroin. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls