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ISD #482
The School Board of Independent School District #482 held a Business Meeting on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 5:00 p.m., at the Morrison County Government Center.
Members present were: Cathy Adamek, Sharon Ballou, Jay Spillum, Mike LeMieur, Brad Laager and Mark Gerbi. Others present were: Stephen Jones, Superintendent; Aaron Sinclair, Human Resource Director; and Nancy Henderson, Business Manager.
The Business Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Sharon Ballou, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion to approve the amended agenda (added personnel item) by Mike LeMieur, seconded by Jay Spillum. Motion carried 6-0.
Experience Works – Aaron Sinclair
There were no public comments.
Motion to approve the consent agenda by Cathy Adamek, seconded by Brad Laager, as follows:
Jessica Platz, 3 hr. PCA/ Education Paraprofessional at Lindbergh Elementary
Christie Halliday, JV Volleyball Coach, is resigning from her position
Lvnn Lindenfelser, Kitchen Assistant at the Community Middle School, is resigning from her position
Jack Marmon, 7 Grade Boys Basketball Coach, is resigning from his position
Tina Theimer, Lunch Account Monitor at the Community Middle School, is resigning from her position
Bailey Wiczek, 9th Grade Softball Coach, is resigning from her position
Extended Leave of Absence
Rainva Strack, Nurse, is requesting an extended leave of absence
The minutes of the January 7, 2014, Board of Education meeting were approved. Motion carried 6-0.
Member Cathy Adamek introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption:
Resolution for Acceptance of Gifts
WHEREAS the following have generously offered to donate to Little Falls Community Schools:
Melissa Welle – $500.00 to the Scholarship Fund at the Community High School
The National Exchange Club – $1,000.00 to Lincoln Elementary for the Adopt-A-Child Program
The Minnesota FFA Foundation (Stearns Vet Outlet) – $2,440.00 to the FFA Program at the Community High School
Brainerd Lakes Area Chambers of Commerce Education Association – $170.00 to the Careers Class at the Community High School for a student field trip
Box Tops for Education – $307.80 to the Community Middle School for recycling done by students
Ride Against Cancer (Kurt and Amy Copa) – $5,000.00 to the Scholarship Program at the Community High School
Fuel Up to Play 60 In-school Wellness Program (Midwest Dairy Council, Minnesota Vikings, and Coborns) – $2,000.00 each to Lincoln Elementary, Lindbergh Elementary, Dr. S. G. Knight Elementary, and the Community Middle School
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Little Falls Community Schools Board of Education to gratefully accept the gifts.
The motion for adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member Jav Spillum and upon roll call vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof: Cathy Adamek, Mike LeMieur, Mark Gerbi, Jay Spilium, Brad Laager, and Sharon Ballou
and the following voted against the same: None
The foregoing resolution was approved this 21st day of January, 2014. Motion carried 6-0.
Board Member Reports were presented.
Superintendents Report
-There will be a Health Occupations Program here next year
-Drug Free Communities Support Program – 5 year grant cycle is ending; will be applying for another 5 year grant teaming with the leadership of the current coalition
-February 3 Board meeting will be cancelled
-February 10 is the Technology Board Retreat at the Initiative Foundation
-Looking at a collaborative partnership with GRAA, school district, and community for Channel 6
-Calendar Committee meets on January 29
-Doug Ploof, Sister Ruth Lentner, Sheila Funk, and Superintendent Jones will be featured presenters at the 2014 Schoolyard Gardens Conference
Old or Unfinished Business
Motion by Jay Spillum, seconded by Brad Laager, that the Board of Education approve the same Board Committee and Other Assignments for 2014 as were assigned in 2013, with the exception that Mike LeMieur will be the Legislative representative. Motion carried 6-0.
New Business
Reid Bellig, High School Science Teacher, presented information on the proposed extended student field trip to Costa Rica in Spring, 2015.
Superintendent Jones, along with City of Little Falls staff, will be submitting a planning grant for Safe Routes to School. The grant includes both public and parochial schools and will be for infrastructure improvement.
Motion that the Board of Education approve the mid-year budget adjustments by Cathy Adamek, seconded by Jay Spillum. Motion carried 6-0.
Motion by Jay Spillum, seconded by Cathy Adamek, that the Board of Education approve using Wellness Funds to pay for the employee luncheon that followed the January 20 Wellness Fair. Motion carried 6-0.
Motion to adjourn the meeting by Brad Laager, seconded by Mark Gerbi.
The Business Meeting was adjourned by Chairperson Sharon Ballou at 5:55 p.m.
Sharon Ballou, Chairperson
Cathy Adamek, Clerk/Treasurer

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