Randall’s audit shows the city is in good shape

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Randall received its 2013 year-end audit from John Archer of Schlenner Wenner & Co. of Little Falls and the report pleased the Council.

While revenues decreased by 15 percent from $303,333 in 2012 to $258,098 in 2013 and disbursements increased from $293,818 in 2012 to $326,334 in 2013 (11 percent), the general fund still had a $193,849 cash fund balance for the year ending Dec. 31, 2013.

The city transferred $50,000 from its enterprise funds to compensate for the $68,236 deficiency of receipts over disbursements in 2013.

The Water and Sewer Fund’s revenues decreased by $501 to $149,202 or less than 1 percent. Its expenses increased by $3,736 to $181,236 or 2.1 percent. The $32,152 loss after other revenues and expenses was due, in part, to $72,394 in depreciation.

The Natural Gas Fund’s revenues increased by $28,877 from 2012, up from $104,855 to $133,732, or 27.5 percent. The fund’s expenses decreased by $535. The fund’s operating income for 2013 was $95,220 due to a rate increase. After other expenses, there was a change in the net position of $84,261.

The city transferred $20,000 from the Natural Gas Fund to the General Fund.

The Electric Fund’s operating revenues were $66,843, down from $80,540 in 2013, a 17 percent decrease. Its operating expenses were $30,099, also down from 2012’s expenses of $40,839, a 26 percent decrease. After other revenues, the fund had an operating income of $38,113.

This is due in part to depreciation decreasing by nearly $10,000 from 2012.

The city transferred $25,000 to the General Fund.

The Liquor Fund’s 2013 operating revenues were nearly the same as in 2012, as were expenses. The fund took in $199,373 and dispersed $195,231, leaving an operating income of $4,142.  After nonoperating revenues from pulltabs and other rentals, there was a $12,770 profit.

The city transferred $10,000 to the General Fund from the Liquor Fund.

The total end-of-the-year net position comes to $1.157 million, an increase of 4.7 percent from 2012.

General obligation bonds show an outstanding balance of $1.7 million, with $244,000 due in 2014 on the principals. To date, the city has paid more than $500,000 on those bonds.

Randall City Council briefs 

Other business conducted by the Randall City Council Wednesday night included:

• Receiving Gov. Mark Dayton’s proclamation naming Randall a Yellow Ribbon City;

• Scheduling Saturday, May 7 as Swap Day in Randall and May 1 as cleanup day;

• Scheduling Wednesday, May 7 for the Local Board of Appeals and Equalization meeting, beginning at 9 a.m.;

• Learning Sue Kliber will play at the Municipal Bar Tuesday, March 4, from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. to help celebrate Marde Gras or Fat Tuesday;

• Voting to spend $100 for poles to anchor bike racks near Kim’s on Pacific Avenue; and

• Agreeing to have Council Member Dan Noss take a look at the city’s computers and bring recommendations for improvements to the next meeting, at no cost.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Randall Fire Hall Wednesday, March 19, at 7 p.m.