Wachtel convicted of fraud and obstructing legal process

On Jan. 29, Devin Davis Wachtel, 28, Little Falls, was convicted in Little Falls of one felony count of financial transaction card fraud and one gross misdemeanor count of obstructing legal process with force.

On Nov. 10, 2013, Little Falls police responded to a report of a theft at a church in Little Falls. The victim told officers her purse was missing along with her cellphone, driver’s license, credit cards and more than $500 in cash.

It was later learned one of the victim’s credit cards had been used at the Walmart Store in Little Falls to purchase electronics. Prior to that, the suspect had attempted to pay for a prescription at Walgreen’s under Davis’ name, but was refused service.

Officers found several items which appeared to be items from Walmart at

Wachtel’s mother’s home and when she learned he had paid for them with a stolen credit card, she asked law enforcement to remove the items from her house.

When Wachtel was attempting to activate the newly purchased iPhone at Walmart, officers responded. An employee handed the officers a bag that Wachtel had thrown into a trash can. The bag contained the victim’s credit card and an empty prescription bottle with Wachtel’s name on it.

The officers attempted to escort Wachtel out of the store, but when outside, he started to run away. After a foot chase, a combative Wachtel was again taken into custody.

Wachtel was transported to the Morrison County Jail and placed in a cell. He had to be restrained, using a taser, when he punched and slammed his head into the walls.

The credit card was used to purchase $1,272.92 in merchandise. Wachtel would not say where the cash or the purse was.

Wachtel was given a stay of imposition after serving 37 days in jail. He was fined $135 and given five years of probation for the felony. If

Wachtel successfully completes his probation, the conviction will be deemed a misdemeanor. Until then it remains a felony.

For the gross misdemeanor, Wachtel was sentenced to 365 days in jail with 328 days stayed for one year and credit for the 37 days time served. He was fined $50 and given one year of supervised probation.