County Social Services adding adult services position

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

The Morrison County Board approved the addition of a position in the adult services area of the Social Services Department due to increased workload. Funding for the position would not come from county funds.

“We anticipated this in the 2014 budget,” said Social Services Director Brad Vold. “We would like to split the care coordinator duties and the Special Needs Basic Care (SNBC) duties. Due to the increased work, they can be split.”

“The driving factor is that caseloads have grown,” said County Administrator Deb Gruber.

Both of the positions are fully funded by sources other than county tax money. The SNBC manager is fully funded by health plans and the care coordinator is 60 percent funded by South Country Health Alliance and 40 percent funded by the MNChoices program.

“Over the last two years the number of clients has increased to about 130,” Vold said. “We anticipate another 60 clients this spring. We will not be using county dollars for either position.”

“We knew it would take time for work to build up and now there is enough to split that position,” Gruber said.

“Both the salary and benefits for both positions are included in the funding,” said Vold.

  • robin hensel

    I hope healthy communities collaborative is taking note. Time to reduce poverty …..the main driver of poor physical and mental health.

  • Vanessa Barokas

    Good news! We will need more and more social worker around. I am wondering how much are the salaries? I hope it’s close to the national median salary: